Savouidakis Agia Varvara
70003 Heraklion

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Savouidakis Olive Oils Company was founded in 2012 under the form of a Sole Proprietorship with its main sales volume to focus on the Greek market, while in 2019 it was transformed into a S.A, developing its Distribution and Sales Network in Greece and especially in foreign countries. In 2021 the company created its online store and started to promote the new range of Cretan Products and Beverages. In addition, during the same period, it started offering Tasting Programs for consumers and customers with the aim of spreading the Olive Oil Culture. The Philosophy of Savouidakis Olive Oils Brand is based on the creation of High Quality Products that bear the Name of its Creator.


Grecka oliwa z oliwek evoo

Extra virgin olive oils

They say that olive oil is the strong suit of the Cretans and they are right. Our Liquid Gold has been an inspiration point for poets and a reference point for studies, proving its benefits for Human Health. It\'s a juice that once you taste it, you can\'t live without it.At Savouidakis Olive Oils, we choose High Quality Olive Oils, carefully selected at every stage of their production, which emerge fresh aromas and have a captivating taste. Having been raised in a place that has been producing Olive Oil for over 100 years, we know very well how to combine the recipes of the old with the know-how of the new and make all this our property and offer it generously to you.
spozywczy grecki

Greek food specialty

Wanting to give you a strong imprint of the Cretan Countryside and its Treasures, we have selected and created for you products of unique taste and quality. In our online store you will find goods with high nutritional value that will become an integral part of your daily diet. Our range of Savouidakis Cretan Products was created in order to give new nutritional stimuli that will undoubtedly make you to see your daily life with a different perspective. The secret is that our products through a combination of innovation and tradition are not only Delicious but also Healthy and this is a combination that you fall in love with.