22 October 2018

Wines that #GoodCompay/#DoboroweTowarzystwo loved. Food pairing workshop report

The last Sunday of September saw a group of bloggers and journalists taking part in food pairing workshops organised by Wine Expo Poland and Bisto pod Sowami restaurant. The wine connoisseurs, under the guidance of sommelier Arkadiusz Komorowski, tasted 8 wines – winners of Wine Expo Poland Awards in previous years. Some of them truly are wine gems. The participants describe their experiences below.

In white wine section, the first wine tasted – Lorenzo from Villa Caviciana 2015 from Italy, decorated with a Silver Medal by consumers – received rave reviews. It is a Charmat method sparkling wine. Drawn from Aleatico variety, which, considering its high acidity, is a variety almost exclusively used to produce sparkling wines. First, you smell subtle herbal and fruity notes. Due to long exposure to yeast, some yeast aroma lingered on, mellowing with time. The tasters reported sweet, honey-like notes. It was mineral in the mouth at first, soon delivering fruit flavors: in the beginning apple and peach, with a hint of honey in the end. With strong acidity, well-balanced by sweet aroma. Served with scallops, they went perfectly together.

In the red wine section, the workshop participants will long remember Vintage from Vignerons de la Vicomte, a coupage of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Vignerons de la Vicomte, Fontanels Syrah 2016, native of Languedoc, was awarded a Gold Medal by the professional jury. More earthy, mushroom, green vegetables flavours. Completely different in the mouth and on the nose – with ringing ripe blackberry and black currant. High tannin and acidity. It is a well-defined wine with a long finish. It should be a great accompaniment for flavourful meats such as lamb sirloin, duck stew or ribs.

Last but not least, due to its characteristics, the unique way it matures, as well as originality, the wine that bested in the event was Malvasia Emiliana from Azienda Agricola Lusenti 2016, awarded a Silver Medal from the consumers. The wine is produced in Ziano township, near Casa Picconi, from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica variety. What makes it special is the production process. Malvasia Emiliana is a sparkling wine made with ancestral method, where the wine is bottled and sealed together with natural yeast before alcoholic fermentation has finished. It is cloudy, with strong yeast and apple aromas. In the mouth you can taste acidity that leaves you undisturbed, with a fairly long finish. It is ideal for hot days as well as a unicorn in every wine bar –  said Arkadiusz Komorowski.

For more on the Wine Expo Poland Awards contest and award-winning wines go to https://wineexpopoland.pl/nagrody/. For more participant insights visit the links below:





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