Warsaw Oil Festival

Warsaw Oil Festival is the event presenting a wide variety of types and flavors of oil from around the world. This is a place for those who want to deepen their knowledge and use it in culinary arts, business, and above all, improving their quality of life.

Used during the centuries to prepare food or to preserve it, oil is nowadays one of the most important elements in our table. Even in the northern countries, the use of oils is growing constantly, sustaining and accompanying the changes in the taste of the people, always more focused on healthy and tasty products.

WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL is the event that emphasizes and presents to the wider public the different kind of oils, giving the unique opportunity to taste them and discover how many varieties can be used for different purposes.

The recent explosion in Poland of import of olive oil from the Mediterranean countries, shows how important is for the polish cuisine this ingredient, both for the professional use in restaurants and for the table of the families. So is not difficult to enter a polish supermarket and see big spaces dedicated to oil, also to those kind of oils which are not of common use, but certainly of great quality. And inside the same “family”, the olive oil, for example, each oil might be different from another. So, as grapes for wine, also olives for oil can bring a totally unique taste which contains the characteristics of the region it comes from.

The biological olive oil for a fantastic Caprese, or the light taste of oil from corn to accompany a salad, and why not to spot a fresh cheese with some drops of oil from mediterranean nuts?

Discover at WARSAW OIL FESTIVAL how many opportunities the oil can offer you and… how cheap it could be to buy it from the producer!


Fair venue

Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy
ul. Bracka 25
00-021 Warsaw, Poland

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Book your space today, and enter the most dynamic market in Europe.

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