WINE EXPO POLAND AWARDS, the international wine contest which allows you to build your brand and highlight the quality of your wines in Poland and abroad.

The contest is open not only to exhibitors of WINE EXPO POLAND, but to all those producers and distributors who want to measure their products which are already available in the Polish market, or those which are not yet introduced.

Registration fee: 60 € net for each wine submitted to the contest.

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Double wine evaluation!

With its innovative concept, WINE EXPO POLAND AWARDS calls two juries to give their marks to the wines taking part in the contest, assigning two distinct Awards: a Professional jury composed by a panel of recognized industry experts, will rate the wines accordingly the international standards of the wine tasting; a second jury composed by Consumers not related to the wine industry, will assign a separate award.

The concept of double award is of greater importance in a country like Poland, where the dynamic of the taste changes rapidly, and to access the opinion of not only wine experts, but also of consumers, gives the opportunity to better understand, enter and follow the characteristics of this big market.

In case that a wine is going to be awarded by both juries, an additional prize is assigned: the so called “Trophy Wine Expo Poland”!

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If you’re a professional in the wine industry, you can also be among the experts and be part of the jury of Wine Expo Poland AWARDS. We invite you to submit your candidature.

Professional Jury
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