WINE EXPO POLAND AWARDS, il concorso enologico internazionale che premia i vini migliori; un’occasione importante per aprirsi la strada sul mercato polacco e per fregiarsi di un premio da poter riscattare sui mercati internazionali.

Il concorso è aperto non solo agli espositori di WINE EXPO POLAND, ma a tutti quei produttori e distributori che vogliono aprirsi alla Polonia od affermare i loro prodotti già presenti.

Tariffa di registrazione: 60 € netti per ogni vino iscritto.

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Una doppia giuria per una grande prova di qualità

Con il suo concetto innovativo, WINE EXPO POLAND AWARDS riunisce due distinte giurie a pronunciarsi e ad assegnare i propri voti ai vini in concorso, conferendo due distinti premi: una giuria Professionale composta da una commissione di esperti del settore è chiamata a giuducare i vini secondo gli standard riconosciuti a livello internazionale; ad affiancarli, una seconda giuria di Consumatori che assegnerà il proprio premio ai vini che saranno giudicati migliori ad un palato non esperto, ma che risulta decisivo al momento dell’acquisto.

Il concetto della doppia giuria e del doppio premio è di grande importanza in un Paese come la Polonia, in cui la dinamica del gusto cambia rapidamente: accedere alle valutazioni non solo degli esperti ma anche del consumatore medio permette di comprendere meglio, entrare e seguire le caratteristiche di questo vasto mercato in forte espansione.

E nel caso in cui un vino dovesse essere premiato da entrambe le giurie? Si aggiudicherà anche il prezioso “Trofeo Wine Expo Poland”!

Giuria 2019


Vuoi entrare a far parte della giuria di professionisti internazionali? Compila il form ed inviaci la tua candidatura.

Giuria professionale

Marek Gałaj (POLAND)

A sociologist who has been professionally involved in wine for three decades, he is one of the few people in Poland who can be proud of both practical and theoretical knowledge of wine and pedagogical experience, also in the field of wine trainings and presentations. A graduate of the Deutsche Wein Institut in Mainz, where he first obtained a diploma of a licensed wine adviser and then a lecturer at DWI.

Katarzyna Federowicz (POLAND)

Managing manager and sommelier at the Solec 44 restaurant in Warsaw. She is a specialist in building image and promotion in the catering sector. A graduate of Pedagogy and Musicology at the University of Warsaw and Wine & Spirit Education Trust. She shaped her managerial skills by conducting projects in the field of humanitarian aid and culture. As a composer and vocalist, she shares her passion for music with a passion for wine.

Vito Mezzapelle (ITALY)

Sicilian viticulture and oenology expert, jury member in most important European wine competitions like Berliner Wein Trophy, Austria Wine Challenge, Frankfurt International Wine Trophy, etc., owner of Uliveti Mezzapelle located in Marsala – Sicily.

Karolina Sitarek (POLAND)

I come from Turku in Poland, but I live permanently in Vienna. I am a qualified sommelier, I work for the enomarketing agency Stoppervini and as a sales and brand manager for prestigious Italian vineyards. In addition, I am a co-founder of the start up vinojobs.it, a job portal for the wine industry in Italy. In addition, I am a juror in several international competitions such as: AWC in Vienna, Berliner Wine Tropy, IWC London.

Paweł Grotowski (POLAND)

Passionate about good wine and good taste, trainer in the field of etiquette and diplomatic protocol. A longtime employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the years 2005 – 2011 responsible in the Diplomatic Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the preparation and implementation of visits at the highest level with the participation of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers, including the selection of wine. Since 2003, a member of the Warsaw Club of the Rotarian Club, the organizer of charitable wine tasting for Rotary members and supporters in Poland. Founder and co-author of one of the most recognizable blogs about wine www.powinowaci.pl and www.facebook.com/Powinowaci where he has been publishing wine reviews and promoting wine culture in Poland for over 5 years.

David Gamtsemlidze (GEORGIA)

The owner of a Georgian restaurant Gaumarjos, a great connoisseur of wines, known among wine lovers as the “King”. David is the king of tasting and can talk endlessly about wine. He is also a tamada, a toastmaster who gives toasts during the Georgian feast called supra.

Enrico Zonin (ITALY)

A professional sommelier, freelancer, always involved in the wine industry. Over the past 15 years, he has promoted and supported the commercial and technical development of several Italian vineyards on foreign markets. He gained experience in various markets in Europe, North America and Asia.

Andreas Koch (GERMANY)

I`m a franconian wine producer, wine professional and sommelier. I love wine and the story behind the wine in the glass. I love talking about wine and I want to fascinate people with wine beside the mainstream. I like to be the connection between the vintner and the customer or being the vintner himself. I took part in different international wine competitions as a jury member and I´m proud to be a juror at the Wine Expo Poland in 2019, too.

Daniele Raspini (ITALY)

I am a public manager in a care system with true passion and love for wine and olive oil, which grew in my olive terrace field in Tuscany. I was Sommelier with Sangiovese attitude because I grew up in Chianti in a village Figline Valdarno, where the rock star Sting lives when he is in Italy. I was a jury member in the most important European wine competitions like Berliner Wein Trophy, Austria Wine Challenge, Asia Wine Trophy, Selezione del Sindaco in Italy, etc. I’m the owner of Camini farmhouse located in Castelfranco di Sopra (Tuscany) where I produce AMICI extra virgin olive oil.

Monika Szydło (POLAND)

Sommelier, a wine lover, master of law by profession, leads the Garnizon Wina restaurant combined with a wine shop (250 wine indexes). She belongs to the SPS, the Polish Sommelier groupings, runs various tastings all over Poland and supports wine events; traveler and wine enthusiast.

Joanna Ciborowska (SPAIN)

Associated with the wine industry for 15 years. Currently works as a Brand Ambassador at the Bodegas Perica winery, from the well-known Spanish region of Rioja. She is the first Polish official Ambassador to Sherry wines and Ambassador to wines of the Canary. Judge in international wine competitions of the collection under the leadership of the OIV, sommelier and member of the Spanish Association of Tasters, Madrid Association of Sommeliers and associations Sherry Woman – women promoting the consumption of wine from the Sherry region.

Giuria consumatori

Michał Bonarowski

Passionate about good food and accompanying wines, tinctures and distillates. For many years, he has been closely following new trends in food combined with the tradition of Polish cuisine. A member of Slow Food Polska, Polish Academy of Taste and co-founder of the Polish Academy of Tinctures. Co-founder of the PGR Dinner Club in Delegation. The editor of the website wydarzeniakulinarne.pl: collects and publishes information about conferences, fairs, wine and culinary tastings in Poland. Organizer of trips and cooking workshops for enthusiasts of good food, wines, tinctures, beers and distillates.

Rafał Skórski

Press and TV journalist, the editor-in-chief of the “Gourmet” magazine. In the past, he was associated with, among others with the newspapers “Polska The Times”, “Super Express” and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, magazines “Sukces”, “Kariera”, “Forbes”, “Businessman.pl” and “Wprost”, TVN and TVP 2. He served as editor-in-chief of “StartUp Magazine” and “Nowoczesna Stacja Paliw” magazines, he also managed the bimonthly “Restauracja”. For a decade, he has been creating concepts for magazines and websites from the custom publishing segment. He prepared new magazines for several dozen Polish and foreign brands from the automotive, banking, insurance, sports, fashion and trade industries. The owner of a publishing house that has the AutoPRL.pl portal in its portfolio as well as the “Rzęsy” and “Gourmet” magazines.

Maciej Fober

I professionally deal with management, working in an international organization. As a person I can adapt quickly to different situations. I like to spend my free time actively, primarily playing golf and snowboarding, but also devoting it to my family and to developing my passions. I am a passionate culinary explorer. Wine has been with me for a long time – in my extended family I have a winemaker who produces wines in Germany. There also with the Samtrots, Donerfelders, Muskattrolingers, my adventure with wine began, which I continue to this day.

Natalia Bartoszewicz

She works in PR and is an event manager. Privately she loves cooking – the kitchen is a field for her to experiment, but only using the best quality ingredients, which she finds at Warsaw bazaars. According to her, a good dish is a mix of quality products, a pinch of skill, but above all, heart and intuition. In her free time she explores new places. In travels she appreciates above all exploring local cuisine and wines. She believes that the best conversations take place in good company and with a bottle of good Chardonnay!

Patrycja Tomaszuk

A specialist by profession in the advertising industry, a passionate enthusiast of good food, especially in the company of the tasty wine. Organizer of dance events in Warsaw and travel lover, also those with local vineyards in the lead role.

Maciej Włodarczyk

A lover and amateur of good food, wine and everything that is associated with the Italian lifestyle. A graduate of Italian studies at the University of Warsaw. Professionally involved in sales management at the Italian company Smeg. In free time, he loves theater, reading and sport.

Katarzyna Topczewska

Lawyer, owner of the law office in Warsaw, winner of the title of Lawyer of the Year 2018. She specializes in criminal and civil law, her office provides legal services to individual clients and entrepreneurs. For years, she has been involved in charity work to help victims of crime and cooperates with organizations working for the protection of animals.
A fan of a healthy lifestyle, her passion is all physical activity, in particular strength sports, running and swimming.

Anna Przygoda

A lover of good wine, good food and everything that gives joy of life.
The owner of one of the first Italian restaurants in Warsaw Trattoria Ti Amo and a little younger French Saint Jacques. As an ardent propagator of the culture of drinking wine, combining professional work with passion, searching for the best wine producers and organizing intimate tastings for restaurant guests and friends. An architect by profession, a lover of wild edible plants, a saxophonist in a brass band, a traveler, and a tramp… Life is too short to drink bad wine!

Justyna Diadik

Makeup artist, deals with makeup and hair styling during events, fashion shows or photo sessions. She works with both private individuals (e.g. weddings) and people from polish show business.

Wojciech Chmielarz

Writer and journalist. Author of books from the series of Jakub Mortek, he published, among others, for “Puls Biznesu”, “Polityka” or “New Fantasy”.
In 2013 and 2014 he was nominated for the Grand Caliber Awards, in 2015 he was its laureate for the novel “Przejęcie”. In 2019, the winner of the Golden Missile award in the Best Crime Scene of 2018 category, which he received for the book “Żmijowisko”.
His latest novel “Rana” has just been released.

Sasha Strunin

A charismatic singer with great talent and a truly slavic soul, who – despite her young age – has a huge international concert experience. Guests on Polish and European stages since 2005.
In June 2019 she released the jazz album “Autoportrety” with poems by Miron Białoszewski and music by Gary Guthman.
In September 2019 she was nominated for the award of the musical environment Koryfeusz Muzyki Polskiej in the category “Discovery of the Year”.

Małgorzata Zalewska-Guthman

An excellent harpist, one of the few concertos on several types of harps (contemporary harp, Celtic harp, electric harp, baroque arpa doppia). Associated with the Warsaw Chamber Opera since 1994.
She performed as a soloist with such artists as Francisco Araisa, Brigitte Balleys, Jerzy Maksymiuk and Małgorzata Walewska.

Damian Orlik

Enofil, blogger, sommelier. My passion for wine turned into running a blog in social media (“WspółWinny”), where I review wines, provide information about the wine world, bring them closer and explain issues. I want my recipients to become conscious consumers who are confidently moving between shelves with wine. In wine sampling, there are no geographical restrictions for me, although I enjoy particular interest from Polish wines, specifically from my region, namely Western Pomerania.

Anestis Michaloudis

Hospitality professional with more than 15 years of experience in the Hotel industry. Started my career as a bartender while I was studying Marketing but very soon I realized that operations are more of an interest to me. Joined Marriott in 2009 and have worked in various Luxurious and Lifestyle Brands within the company. During my career I have opened 2 properties The Met Hotel, part of Designed Hotels and Costa Navarino a Complex Resort of a Luxury Collection and a Westin Hotel in Greece . Have worked in 3 different continents Europe/Africa/Asia and Poland is actually my 6th country of relocation. My Hospitality journey extends from Greece to Thailand and Egypt to India.

Marta Stasiak

Professionally connected with the marketing industry in the food group for several years. Privately, a fan of eco-trends in food, as well as – if not primarily – in biodegradable packaging. She believes that in every country visited, the journey should start with a glass of local wine, which is the perfect introduction to getting to know this place.

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