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The family vineyard "Petra" is located in Subotica Vineyard, near the coast of Palić Lake, in a beautiful natural environment that offers ideal conditions for growing vines. The family estate Gubičak has 10 hectares, of which almost 3 hectares are under a vineyard age of 7 years. The carefully selected plots are located on the latitude S 46.07652 degrees, with a geographic length of 19.76987 degrees and at an altitude of 106 meters. After analyzing the soil, taking its ingredients and careful calculations, the best cloned vines suitable for this habitat were selected: Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Traminac.



The wine has a grayish-yellow color with crystal reflection of excellent transparency and mobility in the glass. Its fragrance is very appealing, gentle with pronounced fruity aromas in which there are apple notes, melon, with a mild touch of tropical tones in the very background, which somehow mask it, making this wine particularly complex. Its taste is refreshingly fresh with the presence of minerals, in which gentle floral characters melt with fruity tones, making it very harmonious and stable. Its finish is fresh with a pleasant sweet bitterness filled with floral fruity notes, lightly supported and velvety. Its maximum is provided with meals with seafood, pasta, grilled or cooked fish, various pies, and can be a good partner to fruits and cakes. It allows itself to serve as an aperitif.


The wine is ruby-red color with light-colored tones on the perimeter. Great cleverness and reflections with great mobility in the glass. The smell of this wine is very pleasant, full of fruit, which is a distinctive feature of Pinot Noir. Rich in notes of ripe cherries, raspberry, mineral, fine subtle notes of oak tree and mild sweet sweet root, plentiful with its aroma. The delicacy is permeated with elegance and its own sweetness. His softness and subtlety reflect on the palms. The finish is very pleasant, long lasting, dull and gentle with a full freshness of its fruitiness. He will highlight his charms with a nice baking like a piglets, lamb, barbecue, elegant and moderate dishes, pastes, and can even fill fish. This wine has a long potential.


Late harvest: wine produced special approach to the production of grapes and in wine production technology. A select grape harvesting at full maturity, the partially developed botrytis, followed by natural drying in trays, wine is obtained golden yellow in color, with a very strong scent of flowers (roses, geraniums) and dried fruit. The taste is full-bodied, harmonious, sweet and stable, and captivates with its charm. Soft honey and fruit notes make this wine a sensual aroma and rich like nectar. It is recommended with less sweet dessert, fruit cake (apple pie), fruit and chocolate cake, cream desserts, it is especially emphasized in contrast set selecting foods which have a bitter thread, such as foa-gra (goose liver), as well as a savory moldy cheeses.


The wine has an intense light-brown shade with a mild reflection. The fragrance is rich in fruity aromas in which the tones of red berries are highlighted: sour cherries, strawberries and raspberries in the fringe, while in the background are hidden slightly hidden tones of nara. Its taste is fruity, rounded with good acidity. There are mineral tones that are in line with the leafy hints of field flowers. Its end is intense, persistent, and it is a fruity character, a good structure and a pleasant sweet bitterness. Serve it with grilled dishes, roasts, rich salads, grilled vegetables, and when it's cool, and as an aperitif.


The sparkling wine was created by three different varieties, specially selected Traminac, Pinot Grigia and Pinot Noir. Soft colors of salmon and bulbs, this wine seizes the scent of floral-fruity notes. It is accompanied by a very balanced taste with its fullness and gentle, and at the same time refreshing acids, pleasant and long finishes. It is recommended as an aperitif, it fits perfectly with salty snacks, fish-chips, chicken salad, cold meat in gelatin, risotto with mushrooms, fruit cakes, dry fruits and others. Serve it chilled at 8-10 C, The mild fading of this interesting wine has provided a full experience and enjoyment to its tasting wine.