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The Mario Rivetti Cascina Serre winery is located in Alba, Piedmont in the North-West of Italy, and was founded by Mario Rivetti in the late 1960s. The 10 hectares of property are entirely in the municipality of Alba and have been worked for three generations with passion and with an eye to sustainable viticulture. For 20 years the company has been managed by Anna and Loredana, Mario's daughters and it is a totally family business; the two sisters follow each step with maximum commitment and dedication, from cultivation to marketing, producing high quality wines capable of fully describing the union between the territory and the vine from which they derive, with an all-female touch. The majority of the production (about 45,000 bottles per year) is of red berried grapes, from which they make wines: Dolcetto d’Alba, a traditional peasant wine, a simple and drinkable table wine; Barbera d’Alba, a wine with the right balance between acidity and structure; Nebbiolo d’Alba, grown between Barolo and Barbaresco, which takes the best of both areas and results in an elegant and complex wine. The whites of production are instead: the Langhe Chardonnay, aged in French oak tonneau for one year; Moscato d'Asti, to end on a sweet note. The two sisters take care of their vineyards with the utmost dedication, following the trends of the different vintages and practicing integrated pest management, intervening with chemical treatments only when there are no alternatives. The property vineyards are located at an altitude ranging from 300 to 350 m a.s.l. and are mostly exposed to the South, with calcareous-clayey soils and with the presence of the characteristic Marls of Sant’Agata. The latter are bluish marly layers with little sand, which give the wine elegance and longevity. ‎



The grapes for this aromatic wine, of a delicate straw yellow and with a complex, elegant and musky aroma, ripen in vineyards well exposed to the sun and bring sweetness, flavor and a very long aromatic persistence into the glass that recalls the flavors and aromas of ripe grapes. It ideally accompanies dessert.
Color: straw yellow Perlage: fine and persistent. Bouquet: rich, intense and fragrant aroma of Muscat grapes reminiscent of wisteria, peach, apricot with hints of sage, lemon and orange blossoms. Taste: sweet, delicate, fresh flavor with moderate alcohol content.


This l wine shows an intense purple red color with violet reflections in its youth. The scent is intense, persistent, powerful and characteristic with clear hints of blueberry and black cherry jam. The taste is of good acidity typical of Barbera, harmonious, full-bodied and balanced, persistent and powerful with clear hints of blueberry, black cherry jam.It is a perfect wine for any meal
This red wine vinified and left to mature in steel only to allow the wine to release all its natural expressiveness


It has a deep ruby ​​red color, with reflections that over time become garnet. The aroma is intense characterized by notes of blackberry accompanied by roasted coffee, tobacco, ink and spices. The taste is rich, warm and enveloping at the beginning, then very long and finely tannic at the end thanks to the typical acidity of Barbera and the aging in wood.It goes well with red meats and stewed game, smoked and roasted meats, seasoned and savory cheeses. Also ideal as a meditation wine and in combination with chocolate creams
Obtained from Barbera grapes, it is aged for about a year in oak barrels of2.000 lt/2.500 lt. to reach perfect ripeness.


The color of Dolcetto is the typical ruby ​​red, illuminated by violet reflections. The scent is fragrant, with notes of plum, light peach, and almond. The same aromas characterize the taste, which is rich, intense but persuasive with a pleasantly almondy finish in the mouth.Dolcetto is THE WINE of the Langhe, whose name and history began in 1593. It is the wine that accompanied the grandparents in every manual work in the fields. It accompanies everyday cooking. It is a dry wine, although the name can be deceiving. Dolcetto d’Alba can be drunk from the aperitif, to appetizers, to first courses of all kinds, from the lightest to the tastiest.It is an all meal wine.
For about 3 months from the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the dolcetto ages in steel. In this way the characteristic scents of Dolcetto can be expressed, and its tannins soften.


Dolcetto d’Alba Superiore has a deep ruby ​​red color. It smells of blackberries, jam and has subtle notes of toasting and dried fruit. The taste is intense, moderately complex and full-bodied. The rather delicate tannins lead to a persistent finish. This wine is ideal with first courses and thanks to its tannins it is an excellent match with meats and cheeses. Its strong character also makes it excellent with grilled meat.
For this wine we use grapes from a part of the hill where the soil is thin and clear, mainly calcareous. The name Superiore is attributed when the wine reaches one year of aging in steel tanks.


The Langhe Chardonnay Bricco Capre can be defined as a red wine dressed in white.The color is transparent straw yellow with golden reflections;the perfume is elegant and persistent with hints of apple, hazelnuts, vanilla and exotic fruit;the flavor is dry, full-bodied and elegant, complex and mineral. It is an elegant wine with character and great quality.
Immediately after the soft pressing in white, the must is introduced into 500 lt tonneaux, where it will complete the fermentation.We perform weekly battonage and flanking for about 1 year.


Nebbiolo is a black grape variety and the wine has a beautiful garnet red color, with slight orange hues. The bouquet contains all the typical aromas of the Langhe in autumn: toasted hazelnuts and earth, truffles, mixed with hints of wild berries (currants, raspberries, cherries, strawberries). On the palate it is not particularly acidic, its flavor is full, warm, very aromatic. In fact, notes of anise, tobacco, tea, mint, cocoa and licorice root can be perceived. With aging, Nebbiolo develops smoky suggestions, of spices and wood, incense, cinnamon and nutmeg. Nebbiolo goes well with dishes based on red meat, veal and lamb.
Refines for at least 12 months in large Slavonian oak barrels of lt. 2000