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ITC wine is a brand development company specialized in the commercial development for wineries. We create wines, we love wines, we export wines.



Cooling of the grapes at 10°. Brief maceration on the skins and soft pressing. Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 12° C for 20 days and then cooling of the wine below 5°C. Aging in temperature-controlled steel tanks for nearly 3 months. Natural tartaric stability.
Elegant bouquet of fruit with mature white pulp, white flowers and citrus fruit, with delicate iodine and clayey hints. Vigorous, very sapid and fresh.

Organic Unfiltered ROSÉ Frizzante

We carefully selected the yeasts which, remaining in suspension, give to each product natural and unique appearance, color and clarity. The low alcohol content makes our fine sparkling wines easy to drink, fresh-tasting and suitable for a range of customers with delicate palates.
The aroma is currant and cherry followed by rose and violet hints. It is fresh and slightly dry. It has also fine bubbles with red berries on the finish.


The grapes we grow are Montepulciano d’Abruzzo for Montepulciano and Cerasuolo and Trebbiane grapes for Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. The high-quality grapes, the ones which overcome the rigid controls, are chosen and treated with sophisticated technology. Each bunch is analyzed in order to verify its sanity, sugar content, anthocyanins level and its color. Only the grapes that passed the selections are then sent to the vinification, the rest of them are rejected. The skilled labor and the experienced agronomist work hard in order to guarantee the best quality possible of the final product. Art of tradition, unique territory, passion and love for our work are the main ingredients of all our products of a higher level, intended to clients and companies of international fame.
Intense ruby red colour; At nose primary aromas of red fruits and flowers. Typical and intense dark cherry. On the mouth great intensity and good balance.


The Piccolo family – the origins of which date back to the first decade of the 1300s – has been cultivating for centuries the vines in Tuscany. Farming the vineyards in the regions of Chianti and Maremma, the family follows the rules of organic agriculture.
After the harvest of the grapes and the pressing, comes the alcoholic fermentation with the maceration, wich happens in steel tanks at controlled temperature and with frequent pumpovers. At the end of the malolactic fermentation, the aging continues in wooden vats for a few months, before it is corked. It's Ruby red with red fruits and cherry aromas. Slightly spicy, with pepper and clove. Full-bodied taste and elegant tannicity, strong comeback of the cherry and a persistent finish.

Amaro and Vermouth

Small but precious gestures, that were once part of the routine, are now disappearing. Gestures such as mowing by hand, exsiccation, and infusion of medicinal herbs, which are all present in the spirit of these liquors. Spiriti Artigiani rediscovers old recipes and legends from a distant past to make people appreciate their strong character and essence in the present days.
SPIRITO DELLE DOLOMITI is a gently balsamic and citrusy spirit. It blends fruits and medicinal herbs from the mountains, according to the centuries-old wisdom of the mountain distillation method, which catches the best of the Dolomites and gives authentic pleasantness. NOT ANOTHER VERMOUTH is a product that is created by balancing selected wines from Piedmont and fine flavoring spices. Ideal for drinking neat and fresh, mouth-filling and refreshing thanks to its balsamic notes, given by the infusion of chinotto. Unforgettable with ice, an orange zest, a touch of soda, and topped with a slightly salty olive.