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Grape is an Italian biotech SME working on the agri-food sector offering innovative services and products for oenology, since 2011. GRAPE is long-time focused on research and development of new protocols and techniques applied to food science, especially on the viticulture and oenology sector. GRAPE’s constant commitment on R&D makes itself a reference point for all those companies which misses research resources and related skills. GRAPE’s core business regards the indigenous yeasts selection for wine producers. Nevertheless, GRAPE offers traditional and innovative molecular biology analysis for many purpose, spacing from the study of the vineyard microflora ecology, to Brettanomyces (spoilage yeast) content investigation in wine. In this regard, GRAPE has developed an innovative device which permits wine producers to self-analyse their wine for Brettanomyces content: Self-Brett - the self-test wine analysis kit.



Self-brett® is a revolutionary device Brettanomyces self-detection in alcoholic beverages. Self-brett® is quick, easy and ready-to-use, cheap, reliable and adaptable. It can be use directly on site and provides a clear evidence of Brett spoilage.
Self-brett® is a device for the semi-quantitative detection of Brettanomyces in alcoholic beverages in situ. It is composed of the innovative union of a species-specific culture-dependent detection method and a simple ready-to-use technology (dip-slide), that permits winemakers to perform a rapid self-controlled analysis. Self-brett® test can be carried out directly on the production site without involving laboratories or specialized people, however permitting a clear result. This unique approach allows the user to evaluate the spoilage microorganism presence in the wine through three different evidences: 1) change of colour (from bluish to yellowish) 2) development of the typical ‘Brett odour’ 3) observation of colonies on the agar medium The production and technology of Self-brett® are protected by patent.

Authoctonous yeast fermented wines

White and red wines from Piedmont region (Italy) fermented with authoctonous yeast selected ad hoc for the wineries.
Wines from Fratelli Barale (Barolo, IT), La Raia (Novi Ligure, IT), Tenuta Cucco (Serralunga d'Alba, IT) wineries, obtained with authoctonous yeasts.


Authoctonous yeast selection
Grape offers to wineries and wine makers the possibility to select their own Saccharomyces cerevisiae, from vineyards and caves, characterizing the yeasts through molecular biology techniques. This process highlights wine typicality and terroir.