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Our wines are produced only of natural, carefully selected fruits and berries through good European winemaking traditions and personal discoveries to reveal the advantages and features of fruits and berries specific to our climate that are more suited to the Nordic taste.


Blueberry wine

Dark ruby colour, dry, 13,5%, 0.75l
A unique dark ruby colored wine, full of elegant berries and spice aromas, which is given from twelve months of aging in European oak barrels. The aftertaste offers a subtle yet complex and clean taste, that is complemented by silky tannins, as well soft and elegant acid. Best served with grilled red meat dishes, hard cheese variations or the finest dark chocolate. Serve: 16-18 C°

Berry wine 842, red

Ruby colour, dry, 12%, 0.75l
The principal ingredient is blueberry. This elegantly flavoured red wine has a light ruby colour and fresh bouquet. Boasting rich aromas of black currant, cherry pit and blueberry, it is an excellent match with matured cheese and poultry. Serve at 14 – 16 °C

Fruit-berry wine 323, white

Light colour, semi dry, 12%, 0.75l
Fresh and revitalizing acidity, tropical fruit aroma and flavours; ripe apple and citrus notes on the finish. Recommended with fresh green salad, Crudités, sea food, white fish and rich sauces. Contains honey. Serve at 6 – 8 °C.

Fruit-berry wine 422, rosé

Rosé, dry, 12%, 0,75cl
This delicate rosé wine is dominated by an aroma of raspberry with a slight taste of rosehip. The wine is a great accompaniment to medium matured cheese, seafood and poultry. It is also suitable as an aperitif. Serve at 6 – 8 °C.

Apple Ice Wine, sweet

Golden colour, sweet, 13%, 0.375l
“Ice Wine” is made out of ripe apples that are picked carefully. The juice is squeezed in winter and is held in a cold environment for a few weeks. The poured juice is fermented for a while in low temperature preserving the subtle apple aroma. A astonishing balance between the elegant taste and silk like softness. This type of wine is commonly called “liquid gold”- The rich and fragrant taste reminds of the exotic white fruit, almond and honey aroma. Recommended with blue veined cheese, confectioneries or aperitif. Serve 8-10 C°

Sparkling Wine Brut Nature

Brut nature, 12%, 0.75 l
Sparkling berry and fruit wine produced by the traditional method (secondary fermentation in a bottle). Pale greenish color. The aroma is dominated by notes of stone fruits and flowers. The wine has a solid, harmonious structure, a fresh, fruity, well-balanced taste. Serve at 6-8 ° C. Matured for at least 9 months, see label.

White mead, sweet

Light golden colour, sweet, 13%, 0.75 l
Natural fermentation mead made from lithuanian white honey and berry juice, naturally fermented, sweet, well balanced, with mild carbonic acid and long-lasting elegant acid. It has a wonderful aroma of meadow honey and summer berry freshness. It's best to enjoy one, but it's perfect for desserts too. Serve at 12-16 ° C

Gooseberry Wine

Semi sweet, 12%, 0.5 l
Contains honey. Elegant ripe fruit aroma with subtle gooseberry note, refreshing acidity with finish of gentle sweetness. Recommended with fish, poultry, and Asian cuisine dishes; goes perfectly with matured and soft cheeses. Serve at 8 – 10 °C.

Cherry Wine

Semi-sweet, 12%, 0.5 l
Matured in oak, excellent cherry flavour wine with long lasting mild sweet and fruity finish. Goes well with poultry, red meat dishes and deserts. Serve at 8-10 °C.

Raspberry Wine

Semi-sweet, 12%, 0.5 l
The rich colour and luscious aroma of raspberry is perfectly reflected in this wine. Boasting a well-balanced scent, this wine is a great accompaniment to white meat, poultry and baked deserts. Serve at 12 – 14 °C

Black Currant Wine

Semi-sweet, 12%, 0.5 l
Blackcurrants – magnificent berries of Lithuania boasting distinctive aromas of berries, vanilla, rosemary, spearmint and thyme. Freshness characteristic of berries is counterbalanced by medium sweetness of the wine. The wine matches with red meat and stewed game dishes. Serve at 8 – 10 °C

Chokeberry Wine

Sweet, 12%, 0.5 l
An intense, blue color wine that has a tint of red shading and a powerful aroma of sweet berries. The wine possess rich, complex, lightly sweetish, but a well balanced taste which later converts into a long fruity aftertaste. Particularly good with grilled meat and perfectly suited with berry type deserts to reveal its finest taste. Serve 14-16 ° C