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Dubicz Winery & Vineyard is a wine cellar with 115-year history and 120 hectares of own vineyard that focuses mainly on white wines. Combining the great conditions of Mátra Wine Region with the traditions and the latest technology we offer reductive white wines with high content and full-bodied wine specialities fermented and aged in barrels beside our fresh, aromatic and light wines with excellent value for money.


Dubicz Premium Chardonnay 2022

Dry White Wine Oaked Chardonnay 2022 - Matra, Hungary
Its flavour includes richly spiced vanilla, peach and pineapple. The oak barrel is present in its taste, as well as fruits like sweet citrus, pear, summer apple.

Dubicz Premium Sauvignon Blanc 2023

Dry White Wine - Sauvignon blanc - Matra, Hungary
A gentle charm of the type – green gooseberries, fine elderberries – with a definite acidity. It may be accompanied with a fresh green salads, herbed cream cheese.

Dubicz Sarhegy Olaszrizling Barrique 2021

Dry White Wine Oaked Olaszrizling 2021 - Dubicz, Matra, Hungary
Colour of yellow straw, with a gentle oak barrel tone in its frangrance. It is a perfect material for the oak barrel. The 3 month barrel aging is just enough, giving the wine a pleasant tone. The acids and the body are elegantly balanced. It can be the favourite of barrique lovers.

Dubicz Sárhegy Kékfrankos 2020

Dry Red Wine - 100% Kékfrankos 2020 Alcohol 13.5% Oaked 225 L 12 months Barique
Vineyard-selected, premium item. Our Sárhegy Kékfrankos is one of the most excellent wines of the region with the dominated vanilla, blackberries and intense dark chocolate, which is aged in oak barrels and velvety characteristic. Recommended to red meats, desserts and some kind of cheeses.

Dubicz Premium Tramini 2022

Sweet White Wine - 100% Traminer 2022 - Life pairing When you almost start your weightloss journey today Alcohol 11% Wine Making: reductive Food pairing: desserts
Rose, tropical fruits, ripe grapes and spicy aromas escape from the glass, which is produced with 60 g/l left-over sugar. Perfect match to any desserts.

Dubicz Premium Irsai Oliver 2023

Dry White Wine - 100% Irsai Oliver - Matra Region, Hungary Alcohol: 12,5 % Wine Making: reductive Food pairing: poultry meat, grilled dishes
Exceptionally characteristic, premium selection. It reveals a delicious pear and a hint of mint in its nose and the flavour is an exciting mixture of ripe peach, melon and elderberry.

DUBICZ Premium Pinot Gris

Dry White Wine 2022 - 100% Pinot Gris Alcohol: 12 % acid g/l: 5,2 sugar g/l: 0,8
Its appearance is elegantly clear, with a hint of yellow tone. It moves in the glass easily. Its fragrance includes blooming flowers, a flowering meadow in summer with mixed herb scents. Its elegant in the mouth, the flowers are playfully surrounded by gentle acids.