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Dona Otília is a company born in 2015 as the fruit of the will and passion of its owner: Otília Timóteo. Bind to vine culture and wine growing since her birth, with this project she intends to carry on with the production of Douro and port wines that her parents started in 1980. José Manuel Timóteo, her father, fell in love, married and settled in the district of Santa Marta where, in 1980, he purchased the first farm (quinta) — the quinta of São Martinho. Dedicated mainly to the production and marketing of table wine, José Manuel Timóteo had a view toward the future: from the very first crop onwards, he has stocked port wines that mature in wooden barrels hence constituting a heritage of fortified wines. Following her college education away from home and her businesses in other sectors of activities, Otília embraced in 2010 the challenge of the family business. She initiated the process of exporting wine to Brazil and Angola thus creating her first company in this sector — the Timoteo’s Vinhos Lda — to continue the family businesses and open the door to other markets. Throughout the years, the company has increased its area production; has modernized a few vineyards; has planted news castes and has mechanized the irrigation system. Consequently, major improvements occurred in the varieties produced regarding the quality of its wines. At present, it possesses three quintas in the sub region of the low Corgo, totaling an area production of 40 hectares, all A-lettered (top classification) to produce port wine, recognized by the IVDP. It also owns a cellar planned to be expanded and modernized before 2020 ends. The permanent support of oenology is made for: Victor Hugo (port wines*) and Celeste Marques (DOC Douro wines). Both are indeed great professionals we deeply thank for their dedication, professionalism and for the national and international recognition and awards achieved. Together we make great wines! In 2015, Otília Timóteo — aware of the needs required by the international market and in touch with the trends — decided to take on a project of her own, upon which she bestowed her name and personal stamp, being exclusively devoted to the production of DOC and high-quality Port wines thus marketing the brand Dona Otília and Quero.te The strategy of Dona Otília (Ltd.) is committed to the highest standards of ethical business based on a long-time view, solidified by the high quality of its wines, brands innovation and a rigorous presentation of products. In a business world each time more complex, competitive and restrictive, we find the business existence to be remarkable. We insist on our will to win and on the idea of constant improvement by creating brands and retaining consumers. As a result, each wine has its own place, comprising the maximum attention and rigor of oenology and the best of its efforts, its mission being to serve with excellence the various segments of the market and, simultaneously, identifying the needs of the consumer market. It can thus exceed its expectations and open doors to relationships of strategic partnership and/or of bilateral interests. Dare to discover us!