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BOGNÁR WINERY Balassi Bálint 21-23
1055 Budapest

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Bognár Winery owns several wine cellars and vineyards in the historical wine regions of Hungary from Villány to Tokaj, but also works together with other contracted partners. Our viticulturists and winemakers select the best grapes each year to produce high quality wines.


FLORA cuvée

Semi-sweet white wine
This FLORA is our most popular product on the market, as it is a balanced blending of fragrancy of flowers, acidity and moderate sweetness, which provides you a light and beautiful pleasure on your picnics.

FLORA rosé cuvée

Semi-dry rosé wine
The first smell gives you the experience of freshness. A slight contain of sugar opens a mixture of tastes in your mouth. We can sense a bit of cherry and peach, the rest is up to you to define.

Bognár Tokaji Furmint

Semi-sweet PDO white wine
This rich, semi-sweet, ripe white wine with its pure quality is typical for the historic wine region of Hungary, named Tokaj. It’s climate is special, that makes the wines from Tokaj very specific.

Bognár Egri Bikavér

Dry red PDO wine
This traditional Hungarian dry red wine everybody knows. The making of this Hungarian wine is based on the strict rules of traditional recipes. This rather charismatic, masculine wine with its harmonic complexity is a good choice for cooking and goes perfectly with beef.

Bognár Bianca-Irsai Olivér

Semi-sweet white wine
A real unique Hungarian blend. IRSAI OLIVÉR is known for it’s intensive fragrance. Variety Bianca makes it balanced.

Bognár Blaufrankisch-Merlot

Sweet red wine
This wine is supposed to be a cuvée for those who are looking for a popular and understandable red wine. Merlot is one of the most popular varieties, with this quvée we gave it a style.

Bognár Selection Szekszárd 2017

Dry red wine 13%
This wine selection is a light and fruity blending, which according to our idea, characterizes Szekszárd, one of the most dynamically developing wine regions of Hungary.

Bognár Villány Rosé 2019

Dry rosé wine 12%
The lightness of our Villány winery. Mature structure, crisp acid and freshness from the most popular wine region. The taste of raspberries, strawberries and red fruits fluctuates in the wine.

Bognár Villány Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Dry red wine 13%
An outstanding Sauvignon from an outstanding season. Medium body, fruit accent and roundness from Villány. The red and blackberry flavor of the wine is enhanced by the spiciness of the elegant oak tree.

Bognár Válogatás MER Merlot 2016

Dry red wine
Thick, dark, full-bodied, just as the appearance of the bottle. The flavor is black-plated with black chocolate and prunes. There is still a ripening potential. 100% Merlot from the Villány Kopár vineyard.