14:00 Wines from extreme lands: the courage of being unique

Italy has the most extraordinary artistic heritage in the world and, in addition to this it preserves the most extensive legacy of biodiversity in viticulture, among all the countries bordering Mediterranean Sea.
The one who gets the chance to admire places like Cinque Terre, Valtellina, Costiera Amalfitana, Costa Viola or Pantelleria, will easily understand the meaning of “heroic viticulture”.
It is an agriculture built over the centuries by unknown farmers who, out of necessity and for survival, had to and have been able to interpret and tame an inhospitable territory in extremely difficult conditions: small plots torn from the mountain, vertical vineyards overlooking the sea, terraced strips on dry stone walls or paths and stairs giving vertigo. Thanks to the tenacity of some great little winemakers these lands offer us extraordinary and unique wines.

Vini da Terre Estreme wishes to pay tribute to these Lands by presenting at Wine Expo Poland 12 Heroic labels from seven Italian regions.

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