11:45 “Legal Wine” – The use of the word WINE in Poland – case study and applicable regulations

Anyone who is interested in wine can say what is behind this term. But is the legislator (Polish and EU) able to do this too? And, according to Polish law, is the term wine reserved only for an alcoholic beverage obtained as a result of fermentation of grape must? During the meeting we will try to find answers to these (and more) questions.
Meeting in Polish with translation into English.


Paweł Kempa-Dymiński – attorney-at-law; he has many years of experience in the field of business transactions, contract law and commercial law; he specializes in providing services to Italian-speaking clients.

Mgr. Inż. Kamila Klajman
Manager Laboratorium Product Authentication of Łodz.

Partner of the meeting:

Ferretti-Bębenek Kancelaria prawna i podatkowa

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