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evoopremium.shop is the first in Poland premium olive oils boutique founded by Monika Solińska – olive oil enthusiast. We are specialized in selection, import and distribution of the best extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) in the world. We promote trusted producers of olive oil, mainly from Portugal, Spain and Italy, who practice sustainable farming and protect both environment and olive oil heritage. We offer the highest quality of olive oils and unique handmade gourmet products to satisfy corporate and private clients. Discover the delightful taste, the healthy benefits and artisan bottle design of the best EVOO. Enjoy premium olive oil as a luxury gift to your clients and friends to say “thank you” and “you are important to me”. We will guide you through a selection process to meet your special needs. We will also provide you with olive oil expertise organizing special events of olive oil tasting.


Nobleza del Sur - Centenarium & Arbequina Premium EVOO

The exceptional award winning premium EVOO, produced exclusively by Nobleza del Sur - the family of olive oil masters since 1640. Country: Spain Region: Andalusia Variety: Picual/ Arbequina Intensity: robust/ medium
Centenarium Premium is identified and distinguished by an immediate clean, fresh, fruity feeling and herbaceous fragrances. Great aromatic complexity evoking reminiscences of plants that coexist in the olive grove, highlighting the olive leaf, wheat grass, lavender, fruity notes of tomato and green banana, green apple and green almond. In mouth is well balanced, it has a very nice entrance sweet, slightly bitter and spicy, its persistence over time is delicate and elegant. Arbequina - bright green delicate oil with intense herbaceous and fruit aromas. Sweet fragrances like green apple, banana and green almond. Balanced bitter and spicy. In mouth it reminds the olfactory complexity and persistence over time.

Castillo de Canena - Family Reserve EVOO

Castillo de Canena, named "The Best olive oil company in the world" by Flos Olei guide. Country: Spain Region: Andalusia Variety: Arbequina & Picual Intensity: medium/ robust
Family Reserve is the best of the harvest in Castillo de Canena, named "The Best olive oil company in the world" by Flos Olei guide. This guide is the most recognized internationally and Castillo de Canena has been in the guide in all of the 12 editions! An aroma of freshness and green olives stands above the fruitier notes in this golden green oil. Green grass is a distinct aroma, as are both ripe and green fruit flavors, artichoke and green almond. It enters the mouth smoothly, confirming the fruity and green notes. Again green almond, green banana and red apple compote stand out, together with other more floral notes like chamomile. It is very fresh and elegant. Its aftertaste is also fresh and elegant, with a very well-balanced bitterness and piquancy that quickly disappear.

Cortijo el Puerto - Micro Granja organic EVOO

Biodiversity is the Master key at Cortijo El Puerto. Located in Lora del Río, Seville, Spain on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River, Cortijo el Puerto is a family owned company. Country: Spain Region: Andalusia Variety: Koroneiki , Arbosana , Picual Intensity: medium/ robust
The Micro Farm (Micro Granja) is a singular set of superior monovarietal EVOO’s, excellent to taste in raw, stimulating our senses and tasting each variety in order to appreciate nuances, aromas and flavors. Following the packaging philosophy of The Farm Collection, awarded by Leone D’oro 2017 and Pentawards de Oro 2016, is to preserve our Ecosystem, and the animals living in the farm of Cortijo el Puerto are the “protagonists” of each variety: Arbequina – a Hare, Arbosana - a Duck, Picual – a Partridge, Koroneiki – an Owl, Picudo – a Robin and Hojiblanca – a Rooster. You can choose between two different sets: Micro Farm no.1 – Arbosana (a Duck), Koroneiki (an Owl), Picual (a Partridge) Micro Farm no.2 – Arbequina (a Hare), Hojiblanca (a Rooster), Picudo (a Robin)

Monterosa - Macanilha Premium EVOO

Macanilha Superior is a great EVOO from artisan producer of olive oil in the Eastern Algarve, Portugal – Monterosa. Country: Portugal Region: Algarve Variety: Macanilha Intensity: medium
Macanilha is a native olive variety for Algarve, looks like a small apples and has a great flavor and taste. Very elegant, richly fruity with a fresh cut grass sensation. The founder of evoopremium.shop loves it. Monterosa protects olive oil heritage - the olives are picked by hand in autumn and immediately pressed in their own mill.

Frantoio Muraglia - Intense Fruity EVOO

Intense Fruity Monocultivar Coratina Olive Oil – the Quinn of Italian EVOO. Country: Italy Region: Apulia Variety: Coratina Intensity: robust
Antico Frantoio Muraglia was born in Andria, Italy, capital of the Apulia oil region, five generations ago, but their real family patriarch has watched the seasons come and go for no fewer than 450 years – a majestic coratina olive-tree, a native cultivar whose wealth of polyphenols is almost unmatched among the 538 classified Italian varieties. “CORATINA IS THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF A LAND OF GREAT OLIVE OILS. POWERFUL. ASTONISHING. DOWN TO EARTH. AUTHENTIC. I’m grateful to Savino Muraglia because he has managed to restore dignity to this cultivar, which reflects so many aspects linked to a people and their land, and which therefore cannot but be spicy with a bitter overtone at the same time. It is characterized in that it contains three times the antioxidant poliphenols of any other variety of olive oil."

Knolive - Knolive Epicure Premium EVOO

Award winning Knolive Epicure is the masterpiece of Knolive Signature Collection. Country: Spain Region: Cordoba Variety: Hojiblanca , Picudo Intensity: robust
Knolive Epicure is describes by explosion of delicious fruit, elegantly complemented by an aromatic intensity. Rich green with delicate hints of gold, bubbling over with fresh fruit scents of apple and ripe green olives. Perfumed and fragrant, a delicate taste of tomato leaf, freshly-cut grass and young almonds, a finish with a touch of bitterness, overlaid with an agreeable hint of white pepper.

MOlina Olivares - MO Premium Selection

MO Premium Selection is an exceptional EVOO with mid-to-intense fruity notes. Country: Spain Region: Andalusia Variety: Picual Intensity: robust
You can appreciate the aromas of herbs, tomato, mint, artichoke, apple and grape. The taste of MO Picual Premium Selection is reminiscent of its aromas with a slightly bitter and progressively intense spicy finish.

EVO3 - EVO3 organic EVOO

evoᶾ is an exceptional quality organic EVOO from Lesvos island, situated in the Aegean sea. This unique location allows it to high sunlight exposure about two-thirds of the year. Country: Greece Region: Lesvos Variety: Kolovi , Adramatiani , Lathoelia Intensity: delicate
evo3 is a blend of three different types of olives – Kolovi, Adramatiani, and Lathoelia. The Kolovi and Adramatiani olives mature slowly and are black in color. Their flavor has an intricate, fruity taste, and olive oil is golden yellow to a golden green. The Lathoelia thrives in lower altitudes and is bigger in size. Their color varies from a red-violet black to purple and deep black. Their taste is fleshy and slightly fruity and fragrant. As a blend – evo3 has a liquid texture and smooth taste. Described as a unique fruity, slightly fleshy and fragrant. Buying evo3, you support “one bottle, one tree, one life” reforestation and people life change project.